About Us


Royal Culture is an international online marketplace, working directly with resellers & retailers looking to offer a wide range of street fashion & rare items that can be hard to find on the high street, following the latest trends of the most hyped items on the market. all items are brand new, unworn, in their original packaging & cleared through authentication with a qualified team of experts.


Our aim is to give resellers & retailers a platform to showcase their products and expand their customers, giving that your product fits the street-edge style we look for. If you feel your product meets our criteria & you would be interested in partnering with us please contact us for more information.


We know that reselling can be time consuming & frustrating. Having to take high quality detailed photos and listing your products on competitive ecommerce & auction sites, packaging goods for delivery & trying to negotiate sales prices. All items must be unworn in their original packaging to be eligible for resale.

We want to make this hassle free for you. If you have a sneaker or product that you are looking to resell, you can use this form & we will take the stress off by handling the whole process.

  • Contact us for a delivery of goods to our uk address, or send us images of the item you wish to sell including the receipt.
  • We will inspect the items and give you the latest market asking price.
  • We will include your product on our online listing, including detailed photos and description.
  • We will sell the product for you, package and ship it or contact you when you are required to ship if items were shipped to us.
  • We will give you 85% of the total sale price & only keep 15%
  • All sales are covered by buyer protection, so payouts are held until 7 days after the sale, to ensure the customer is satisfied.

To talk to us about having your item reviewed and for the latest resell values on the market currently, you can send us an email at admin@royalculture.co.uk.

We reserve the right to refuse any items for resell, all items that are refused would be returned free of charge with next day delivery.